“Against Psychotherapy”

Photographer Brendan Bernhard catches an intriguing piece of advertising-turned-street-commentary here.

Three reactions:

  1. Solemn reminder of how difficult the therapy process can be for the client, especially when progress is slow.
  2. Aesthetic respect – both for the contrast between the torn paper and Helvetica font, and the harmony among the blues, yellows, greens and browns.
  3.  Suppressed giggle over, “The therapist gets rich either way.” Clients’ subjective perception of therapist motivation can’t always fit with our financial realities.

@ 2012 Jonathan Miller All Rights Reserved

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One response to ““Against Psychotherapy”

  1. Boy I wish I were rich. Maybe after I have been in practice for a few years. LOL It is interesting that people will go this far with their anger from psychotherapy but not for a doctor who has poor bedside manner and gives them the wrong medication or doesn’t tell you all the side effects of it. It is the emotional connection with the psychotherapist though that causes this. This person obviously had transference issues. Maybe they were confronted in a way that pushed their buttons. Or maybe it was just not the right professional for them. It is frustrating for us to be bashed this way. Sad for them though. Unresolved conflicts. Personality disorder?

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