Successful Branding: Don’t Be a Therapist

Interesting New York Times article here about a rookie therapist who sought branding experts’ help in building her private practice. It seems the key to success is to choose a hyper-specific niche, tweet banalities, study pop culture, make borderline-inappropriate self-disclosures,  be available 24/7, treat clients via text message, reassure them they don’t need to make changes and downplay the fact you’re a therapist.

On that note, I’m going back to bed.

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3 responses to “Successful Branding: Don’t Be a Therapist

  1. Lets see, my guess is she is 25 and just finished her internship? She probably did no therapy whatsoever to work on her issues. Did not consult with other therapists in the area to see what they were doing…

  2. … and, she was starting off with no experience in what must be one of the most therapist-glutted markets in the country. Lots of the advice she received was very sensible – particularly the parts about blogs and websites. Still concerned about the tips that bordered on clinically-inappropriate or boiled down to, “do something else”.

  3. The article does, nonetheless, highlight serious problems in the position of therapists in society in a culture where success increasingly is a function of one’s ability to tune into pop culture or pose as a fixer of some kind.

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